A Day At School

CREATIVE PLAY CORNER is an environment of care dedicated to the goal of providing child-centered programs aimed to develop positive attitudes toward learning and to bring out the best in each child.


Free Play

A perfect time to warm up and have  fun with friends.

Morning Circle

A gathering time of singing, dancing and language expression.

Unit Study

Social Studies and Science themes makes each child aware of himself and the world.


Each day is a musical adventure as Unit Study themes are presented through Creative Expression, Instruments, Movement, Ball & Bean bag Activities and Games.


Builds foundation in Reading, Math and Writing in a fun and creative way.

Center Time

Explore, manipulate and practice from well selected “hands-on kits” to provide a quiet time of active learning.


Fosters self-expression and creativity from a wide array of materials and techniques.

Playground Time

A fun time with friends to develop confidence, agility and coordination with our varied play equipment.

Story time

Opens the door of wonder and imagination through books, puppets and dramatic play.

Special Classes Offered




A special program to spark the child’s curiosity and imagination through interactive and hands-on Math games and Science Experiments.




This additional Reading program is offered to 3 until 6.6 years old to further enhance reading concepts and skills through varied learning activities in alphabet recognition, phonetics, reading and creative writing.




An introduction to dance through imaginative play.  Children will experience a variety of dances such as classical ballet, Filipino folk dance, waltz, modern dance, international dances, ramp modeling, hip hop, gymnastics, disco and many more.