About Us

The magic of childhood comes alive at CPC



Creative Play Corner School will build the foundation of fun-filled learning by offering a child-centered program designed to provide enriching play experiences that will ensure a happy and positive introduction to school life.


We aim to spark in our students the desire to use their God given talents to their full potential. We hope for more and more children to discover the joy of learning, the CPC way!



Creative Play Corner School was established in 1986 to provide a child-centered program in a warm, secure environment of love where everything is conducive to learning.


Our main concern is the child. We regard each child as a special little human being with unique needs. Thus, we are committed to enhance each child’s individuality by offering the holistic approach to learning, where the cognitive, social, physical and emotional needs are nurtured. Understanding and meeting these needs are   important to us.


Our main thrust is to provide play experiences that will develop a positive attitude towards learning and will bring out the best in each child.


Childhood is a time to be cherished. Through play and creative activities, this preschool will allow each student to discover, explore and appreciate our wonderful world.


Celine Concepcion Lebron

Gina Piamonte Tambunting

Cecille Cuna Colina

Together with our teachers and staff, we are committed to provide excellence in Preschool Education.

School Calendar and Admission Age

Creative Play Corner accepts children from 1.5 until 6.5 years old.

Children are grouped according to age as of June of the current school year.




1.5 to 2.2 YEARS OLD
Gummi Bear and Care Bear




2.3 to 3.2 YEARS OLD
Teddy Bear and Panda Bear




3.3 to 4.2 YEARS OLD
Polar Bear




4.3 to 6.6 YEARS OLD
Prep Bear



Each School Year is composed of three terms and a Summer Program.