Mrs. Judith Co (USA)

Mommy of Chelsea and Nikki

“We are so impressed with the selection, depth, organization and relevance of your study topics. Your school is in no way a “daycare” or simply a playtime, but a true learning environment – rich in age appropriate, well-planned activities, creative, socially and intellectually stimulating for the children. Chelsea has learned a lot about sugar foods, blood, dinosaurs, pets, etc. and loves to teach Mommy and Daddy about her subjects. You present the topics in a meaningful and understandable manner from which Chelsea greatly benefits.

The math and reading skills are also presented in a “fun” and positive manner drawing Chelsea into a learning process. She is very interested in the worksheets and often creates her own at home (dot-to-dot, letter matching, etc.) for mommy to do. She also has started evening circle time for the whole family where we sing the “Hello Hello” song holding hands and then check and chart the weather! Her interest to play “school” reflects her pride, enjoyment and pleasure of the experience and also establishes a confidence in the routine, which she believes she has mastered.  This confidence cannot be underestimated and surely comes from CPC’s dedicated staff and teachers.”