Mrs. Shalini Bhagat (India)

Mommy of Tara

“An absolute delight for toddlers and pre-schoolers. Our daughter, Tara joined CPC when she was two and left at age five plus when she joined kindergarten at the International School. She enjoyed every single moment and going to school was pure joy to her. The teachers are absolutely darlings and nurture the children from the very start. The environment is wonderful, a diverse mix of children from the expatriate community and local Filipina families. The curriculum creative with arts, music and ballet/ modern dance. Alphabet recognition, reading and math skills are taught through special worksheets, which encourage independent thinking and mental development. The school organizes brilliant extracurricular activities for Christmas, Sports day (aptly named Mini-Olympics), Mother’s day, Halloween and our favorite night out. We highly recommend to all new comers to Manila who want a creative experience for their Children.”