Ignacio Tambunting (Philippines)

CPC student from school year 1998 to 2000

“In CPC whenever we learned something it was always in a song or game. Also the teachers there are very kind. Another is we would always draw, paint and do activities. I would most of the time come home with artwork. Their activities are very fun. Night-outs are every February. They pick a theme. I remember Tarzan and The Little Mermaid. When they choose a them, they decorate the whole school with sets for the them; teachers wear costumes and act their part with the kid’s participation. And that is why CPC is the best school I have ever gone to”

Juliana Hechanova (Philippines)

CPC student from school year 1997 to 1999

“In my 2 years in CPC, I remember doing the worksheets that were fun yet very educational. Art was my favorite because we would always make interesting things in a creative manner. I wish all schools had that CPC atmosphere in them.”

Jonathan Anonuevo (Philippines)

CPC student from summer 2000 to school year 2002

“I love Creative Play Corner because the teachers are kind and happy. Creative Play Corner is where I met my best friend Raphael along with his brother Diego. It’s a fun and nice school. I really enjoyed studying there.”

Daniella Calma (Philippines)

CPC student from school year 1999 to 2002

“CPC was very fun. I miss every bit of it from the slide to the classroom. All the teachers were fantastic! I remember we used to go out on the playground and hang around the jungle gyms. And the night-outs, those were fun. I learned my numbers, colors, how to read, how to use my sense of taste, touch and smell. I learned penmanship, how to add, subtract, sing, count, lot of things. I miss CPC so much!”

Mrs. Judith Co (USA)

Mommy of Chelsea and Nikki

“We are so impressed with the selection, depth, organization and relevance of your study topics. Your school is in no way a “daycare” or simply a playtime, but a true learning environment – rich in age appropriate, well-planned activities, creative, socially and intellectually stimulating for the children. Chelsea has learned a lot about sugar foods, blood, dinosaurs, pets, etc. and loves to teach Mommy and Daddy about her subjects. You present the topics in a meaningful and understandable manner from which Chelsea greatly benefits.

The math and reading skills are also presented in a “fun” and positive manner drawing Chelsea into a learning process. She is very interested in the worksheets and often creates her own at home (dot-to-dot, letter matching, etc.) for mommy to do. She also has started evening circle time for the whole family where we sing the “Hello Hello” song holding hands and then check and chart the weather! Her interest to play “school” reflects her pride, enjoyment and pleasure of the experience and also establishes a confidence in the routine, which she believes she has mastered.  This confidence cannot be underestimated and surely comes from CPC’s dedicated staff and teachers.”

Mr. Eric Paragas (Philippines)

Daddy of Harry and Nicholas

“Because of CPC our kids love going to school. It has given our kids wonderful experiences and memories that give “school” a great reputation. The fact that they’ve learned a lot (Harry is not having a hard time at all in Xavier School) is just icing on the cake.”

Mrs. Maja Olivares Co (Philippines)

Mommy of Rama and Ravi

“Rama and Ravi are doing well in Xavier School socially, emotionally, physically and academically. Rama has maintained his A student status without being a true nerd. Ravi who is in Nursery garnered all 3 awards last semester. Thank you for providing a solid foundation at CPC.”

Mrs. Shalini Bhagat (India)

Mommy of Tara

“An absolute delight for toddlers and pre-schoolers. Our daughter, Tara joined CPC when she was two and left at age five plus when she joined kindergarten at the International School. She enjoyed every single moment and going to school was pure joy to her. The teachers are absolutely darlings and nurture the children from the very start. The environment is wonderful, a diverse mix of children from the expatriate community and local Filipina families. The curriculum creative with arts, music and ballet/ modern dance. Alphabet recognition, reading and math skills are taught through special worksheets, which encourage independent thinking and mental development. The school organizes brilliant extracurricular activities for Christmas, Sports day (aptly named Mini-Olympics), Mother’s day, Halloween and our favorite night out. We highly recommend to all new comers to Manila who want a creative experience for their Children.”

Mr. Tariq Mian (Pakistan)

Daddy of Maham, Shariq, Manahil and Rasiq

“I like the fact that the owners of the school are directly involved in teaching the children. They are so hands-on as they treat the children like their very own. I haven’t seen this in any other school.

My daughter Maham already passed the entrance exam in Brent International School. This is shows the good quality and standard of the school.”

Robert and Pia SyCip (Philippines)

Daddy and Mommy of Andi, Zari and Raphael

We chose Creative Play Corner in Damariñas Village for our first daughter when she was 3 years old because of all the pre-schools we looked into, it seemed to be the most happy and fun. It seemed like it would be learning in a home-like atmosphere filled with play, music and song. More over the individual care and attention in an environment that allowed socialization the other children was evident.

CPC more than met our expectations! When our second daughter came, we chose to send her to CPC when she was only 1 year and 3 months so that she could join her older sister. And then our son followed and started CPC at the age of 1 year and 8 months.

We have been delighted with our family’s experience at CPC. It’s been very obvious that they have been so well nurtured by exceptional teachers and staff, and that their growth and learning in such formative years were enjoyable and memorable experiences that prepared them for big school!

Mrs. Sophia Van Dujn (Netherland)

Mommy of Olivia

“CPC is fantastic. My dutch-speaking daughter learned how to speak English in no time. The teachers are very sweet and each child is special to them”.

Aleli L. Sibal (Philippines)

Gradma of Timmy Sibal

“Creative play corner is the best place for a child to be in. On a daily basis one is assured of every child receiving continuous care and concern. How does it happen? Friendliness is in the air. The teachers love the children, there personality are dynamic and constantly enthused. They love their work. This goes for the yayas that go around making sure each child is alright. There is security provided for the children to make sure they are safe whether on the playground or from going through the exit during school hours.”

Mrs. Lizzie Zobel (Philippines)

Mommy of Mariana, Jaime, Eugenia and Mercedes

“All our children have done their pre-school education at CPC and today ten years later we have returned with our baby Mercedes. CPC’s loving and secure environment is the context to a learning community that has prepared our children for school – academically, socially and emotionally. But what we are most thankful for is that at CPC our children developed a love for learning. That is why whenever our children have moved on to big school, no fail, teachers ask: “where did your child go to pre-school?” Because they have been so well prepared.”

Kate Greesson-den Oudsten (New Zealand)

Mommy of Oscar and Jack
“Both my sons loved going to CPC. All the staff-teachers, yayas, security guards, directresses are so welcoming and caring to the children. They make them feel very comfortable from day 1. Finding CPC made the transition to new country very easy for myself and children. As we as the day to day learning the children are exposed to so many activities and events. For example Mini-Olympics, National Day Celebration, Night Out and Mother’s Day Activities.

My Children have thrived since being at CPC. We will greatly miss the school and staff.”

Tim and Candice Cipullo (USA)

Daddy and Mommy of Kevin and Nina

“Our son is 5 and daughter is 4 and they absolutely love CPC. They came in the middle of the school year, and CPC welcomed us with open arms. They helped the kids transition so easily, and made them feel that they belonged. As a parent, I felt so relieved to have found a school that was very accommodating, and was in line with the same educational philosophy I believe in. I’ve visited many preschools around that claim that they are a “progressive” school. CPC has a mix of both traditional Filipino practices (focus on academics) as well as giving the chance for the kids to learn through play and social interaction. I especially like the fact that they are involving the kids in outreach programs, for the poorer communities in Manila. Our family is very happy we found CPC.”

Mrs. Marit Yuchengco

“It has been a joy to see how much fun learning can be, thanks to Creative Play Corner. From a mother of three boys.”

Mr. Jan Antonio Campos

“I send my kids to CPC because I like their methodology, which is “kids” education within the context of having fun or playing games. I also appreciate the kids’ get the attention they deserve borne by the teacher-student ratio observed in the school.”

Mrs. Lorraine Lim Aguila

“Creative Play Corner is really true to their name, they are so Creative! My daughter Annika brings home tons of art projects and they do it in very creative and unique ways. It’s amazing! This is the reason why Annika loves going to school. Would you believe she complains when there is no school!”

Ines Tambunting (Philippines)

CPC student from school year 1996 to 2000

“This is the best school ever to go for a kid like me!”

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