The magic of childhood comes alive at CPC

We are Creative Play Corner School – the place to be happy since 1986.

Discover our school now, where Creativity meets Education

At Creative Play Corner (CPC), we’re rewriting the playbook for early childhood education. With a focus on personalized learning, holistic development, and fostering creativity, we’re not just a school—we’re a nurturing community where every child thrives. Join us on a journey of discovery, where learning is joyful, connection is cherished and each child’s potential is limitless. 

We thrive on connection and inclusivity. Recognizing each child’s unique talents, we embrace diversity and cater to all learning styles. Our approach ensures every student excels.

Collaboration drives us. We journey with each child, fostering joy through engaging activities. Together, we explore, discover, and learn in a curious, imaginative environment.

We support scaffolding learning, offering a clear structure and room for creativity. By understanding each child’s interests, our lessons reflect their unique journey.

Laughter and smiles enrich our school with warmth. Through open-ended experiences, we empower children to play, think, and unleash their creativity in a safe, nurturing environment.

Let's inspire a generation of confident, curious, and compassionate learners.

School Calendar: Summer 2024 and School Year 2024 - 2025

Academic Year Structure

Our school operates on a year-round schedule, consisting of a summer term and three terms for the school year.
Summer Term: 7 or 8 weeks
School year Term: 12  weeks

S.Y 2024 - 2025 Unit Study Themes

1st Term

2nd Term

3rd Term